#022 My Spiritual Journey in Leadership

How to Transform Others

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👋🏻 This is Refresh. Rethink, with today, a personal leadership story on transformation.

A reflective journey into the depths of leadership—a story of my personal transformation as a leader and the profound impact it has had on those around me.

At a pivotal point in my career, I was trapped in the grips of burnout. The weight of stress had consumed me, overshadowing my interactions with others and dampening the team's morale.

Note to yourself:

My state will inevitably, and always effect others around me. I must raise my self awareness, to prevent my interactions from becoming over shaded by a negative state.

One particular encounter forever altered my perspective on leadership. A team member, I'll call her Anna in this story, was initially a source of conflict and resentment.

She seemed determined to impede my progress and sow discord.

It stressed me out.. it wore me out.

I resented her….

At the bottom of this, through a flash of insight, I received a message:

Were my judgments and preconceived notions clouding my ability to see Anna's unique value?

I embraced acceptance and understanding toward her through deep introspection and a perception shift.

Recognizing the direct correlation between my inner state and the outcomes I witnessed started a journey of self-discovery. It transformed my views on Anna.

Over time, I received an occasional good morning. Anna even started asking for help. A change began to happen in her.

How was this possible? What was happening to her?

Recognizing the direct correlation between my inner state and outcomes transformed my relationship with Anna.

That year I left for another job, and Anna showed up at my goodbye party, shaking my hand with a smile, thanking me, and wishing me good luck.

For a split second, I didn't know what she thanked me for. Then it struck me; she said thank you because, inside, I thanked myself for changing my perspective on her.

She emulated the same energy field as I created around her.

She was all but a beautiful human being.

It blew me away...

During this challenging time, I realized a profound truth—leadership emanates from within, from the wellspring of our spiritual energy.

Leadership emanates from within, from the wellspring of our spiritual energy.

That's how I got to experience how leadership goes beyond power and authority.

Leadership equals the deep interconnectedness between all beings. It is about fulfilling a greater purpose and caring for each other on the journey.

Do you experience a difficult relationship with someone on your team? Transform yourself to transform the other.

☘️ Leadership is transcendent.

☘️ Leadership is egoless.

☘️ Leadership is endless.

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