Rest is Underrated

How 4 hour work days nearly killed my business, said no one ever

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Good Morning. This is Refresh. Rethink. Or today, it's better to say: Refresh. Recharge! Because this issue is all about rest.

☝️ How often do you take the time to rest and recharge?

In my work as a leadership consultant, I've heard multiple clients say that hard work, not rest, is the most crucial aspect of long-term success.

It doesn't surprise me; for a long time, I believed that too. 😇

Nowadays, one of the first flags I look for when I speak with a potential client. is; Do the founders work double time? 🫣


Double time is usually spent on compensating for the losses in the organization. Organizations that lack clarity and structure have high levels of waste.

Waste is time burned 🔥 on work that doesn’t produce any value.

Valuable work remains undone, but with time burned up, the founders usually make up for it.

Not sustainable.

It is like pushing water up the hill. Once you stop, it comes right down again. 🌊

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Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

Rest makes us slow down.

Rest isn't just crucial for your well-being and a critical factor in sustainable progress. Rest shouldn't be something you only do when there's time left; it should be a planned time block in your calendar.

4-hour work days nearly killed my business,

said no one ever

👉 Last week, I did a "part-time week." I worked only four hours per day on my business. The rest of the time was used for fun, family, physical activity, and private tasks that were postponed for too long.

Were there any devastating effects on my business?

No! The business still grew. Clients were happy—new prospects were found_ LinkedIn content was posted daily, and I even worked on a new product.

Most importantly, I ended the week with my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energy filled up nicely. 🥳

You don’t have to work part-time to rest; there are other things I do to recharge fast within the day!

Three things to recharge fast

The three things that work particularly well for me to rest and recharge are these:

  1. ✅ NSDR/Yoga Nidra: Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) or Yoga Nidra is a powerful form of meditation that can help you deeply relax and rejuvenate quickly.

  2. ✅ Take a walk in nature: Spending time in nature can profoundly impact your mental and physical well-being. Even a short walk in the park or a local nature trail can help clear your mind and reduce stress.

  3. ✅ Plan a rest in your calendar: Setting aside time blocks for rest can give you the space and time to recharge. Use this time to rest, explore new hobbies, or spend quality time with friends and family.

Simple but very effective. 😎

A client of mine recently told me:

"As a founder, I believed rest could only happen when the business was ready to work without me. Then I realized the belief itself never made that moment come." 👏🏼

In conclusion, rest is an essential part of long-term success. It's not just good for your well-being, but it's also good for your business. 💰

If you're feeling overwhelmed or burnt out, don't be afraid to take a step back and give yourself some time and space.

Take a rest to recharge today.🔌🪫🔋

See you next week!


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