#024 - TEDx - The Hidden Opportunity in Remote Work

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In March 2021, I had the privilege of speaking at TEDx Kaunas. It was a great experience. The whole preparation and the prelude to the event was a very exciting time for me.

On stage, I shared my thoughts on the hidden opportunities of remote work. Today, I want to bring you a condensed version of that talk.

If you feel like listening to it, here's the whole video.

A shorter version:

Imagine an older man on his deathbed surrounded by his family. His wife asks for his final words, and he replies, "Oh, Darling, I wish I had spent more time in the office."

Wait, What?!

The world went remote overnight, triggering a true work revolution. Remote work isn't just about where we work; it's an opportunity to reimagine how organizations function and how we lead teams.

There are three things that remote work injects into organizations.

The first one is trust:


Trust is the foundation of remote work. When the world went remote, we expected trust to increase, but 79% of remote workers reported some level of micromanagement.

Micromanagement kills psychological safety and leads to unhappiness and lower performance.

Trust, on the other hand, has real business value. High-trust organizations have a 286% higher return to shareholders. We have an opportunity here to bring real trust into remote organizations.

Then there's purpose:


In remote work, feeling disconnected from the team and the bigger picture is easy. That's where purpose comes in.

A staggering 83% of employees want a deeper meaning in their work, and purpose-driven companies outperform others by 42%.

As a Leader, you want to provide a clear purpose to engage the remote workforce and achieve outstanding results.

Thirdly we look at strengths!


Working within our strengths is essential for motivation and engagement, especially in a remote setting.

Knowing our intrinsic strengths and those of our colleagues enables us to create powerful coaching relationships.

Gallup's survey found that 93% of those with coaching relationships emphasizing strengths were highly engaged. Embracing our strengths leads to happier, more productive teams.

Remote work is not just a consequence of a virus; it's an opportunity to redefine work.

And I'm well aware that not all companies are made to be remote companies.

But, by cultivating trust, infusing purpose, and leveraging strengths, we can create a new work culture that is fulfilling, meaningful, and impactful.

Let's embrace this revolution and unlock the hidden potential of remote work, together shaping a brighter future for all.

What’s your take on remote work?


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One of my clients Robin Jobs had 5 physical offices over Europe. After we implemented the REMODE framework, they found their way to close all offices and went full remote while tripling the team in 18 months.

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