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👋🏻 Welcome, everyone; this is Refresh. Rethink. with today something very different.

But first things first! Thank you hugely for being with me on this young newsletter. More than 60% of you have opened up and read the newsletter. A massive reward keeps me fired to continue improving for you. 🚀

In this issue, I proudly want to present a new format of Refresh. Rethink rolled out from April onwards.

At the end of this issue, there's a Poll I'd love you to use and share your opinions.

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Let's dive in.

Section 1:

Every even week and odd week will have a slightly different version.

✅ Even weeks: "Company of the Week."

In the even weeks, you'll learn about a company for its outstanding accomplishment or inspiration. We'll look at leadership and organizational or strategic innovations. I'll explain why, using my knowledge and experience on the topic.

✅ Odd weeks: "Person of the Week."

In the odd weeks, you'll read about a person—someone who stands out for their leadership, personal development, or entrepreneurship.

Section 2:

✅ Even weeks: "A Leadership Lesson."

You'll read about a leadership lesson I've learned during the 24 years of my career in leading teams. I have often learned things the hard way. You don't have to! With this section, you'll avoid making mistakes someone else made.

✅ Odd weeks: " A Personal Lesson."

Life is more than just business leadership. That's why you'll find my lessons while building an executive corporate career since 17. Or read about insights and learnings of building my 6-figure solopreneur consulting business. Hack, you'll find some crazy stuff about my biohacking journey here.

Section 3:

✅ Even weeks: " Resource Of The Week."

The amount of resources out there is vastly overwhelming, at least to me, at times it is. Let me share some of the fantastic resources that have helped me in the past and present with navigating the world of business and entrepreneurship.

✅ Odd weeks: " Quote of The Week."

Quotes are like little packages; you only know the real value inside once you unpack them. In the odd weeks, I'd like to take a quote and share a story about how it could help you in your present work or life,

With these changes, I want to give you an exciting and inspiring newsletter to read.

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I'm committed to making this newsletter fantastic value for agency owners who want to build great companies and teams that are engaged, motivated, and happy.

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