#016 - The secret to creating a high-performance organization

A simple framework to transform your mission and vision into actionable results

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In my latest Linkedin post, you read how often I bump into fluffy clouds. A fluffy cloud is a company vision saying, "We want to become better." That’s only an ambition.

A fluffy cloud is a vision that only says:
“We want to improve”

That doesn’t instill purpose in your team.

Although having an ambition is great, the vision in itself is incomplete. Let me be honest; I also didn’t understand this for a long time. Creating a compelling vision for my team was tedious and complex.

As a leader, you can “have a vision,” but structuring an organization around a vision is a skill to be learned.

I am far from perfect, but I have become quite skilled at it. I’ve learned that a complete company vision must have these components to it:

✅ The vision is inspiring

The vision is actionable

The vision is practical

A complete vision gives purpose to your team. Purpose drives engagement. Higher engagement leads to more profit and happier people. 🚀 

It sounds like a must-have for every business, right? Well, it seems not that obvious for many business owners. I want to change that!

As a leadership consultant, I’ve helped over 20 agency owners define and create a structure around their organizational purpose.

Today instead of writing about it, I'm sharing a video on how to do just that. This video I've recorded bespoke for one of my clients.

In this video, I reveal how to answer 5 fundamental questions to design a compelling company vision. And how to make it Inspiring, actionable and practical.

Have fun watching!

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