#029 - 10 Productivity Hacks for Busy Founders

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Picture this: It's 3 am, and there's a founder frantically searching the web. No, they're not looking for the next big breakthrough or the magic formula to skyrocket their venture.

They're just trying to figure out if it's socially acceptable to wear the same pair of socks three days in a row because, let’s face it, laundry is not on their priority list 😬

Welcome to the life of a founder, where "busy" is just another Tuesday.

The Founder's Struggle: A Saga in Three Acts

🤔 Act I: Everything's Important... Or Is It?

Ah, everything shines with potential. Every task feels monumental. Every decision seems as if it will decide the fate of the entire endeavor.

It’s exhausting. It's a world of seemingly endless choices, where distinguishing between the essential and the urgent becomes a daily challenge.

🔄 Act II: The Delegation Dilemma

Then there's the age-old founder's conundrum: “To delegate or not to delegate?” You’re staring at an Excel sheet and thinking: “Should Sarah from marketing take this on? Or maybe Bob from tech? Or should it just be... me?” 🤔

Deciding who does what and when can feel like a game of musical chairs – only the music is more stressful, and there's no chair at the end for you to sit on. Because, let’s face it, a founder’s work is never truly done.

🙋 Act III: The Balance Beam of Accountability

And then comes the trickiest part: Keeping everyone accountable without turning into a micromanaging menace. No one wants to be "that" boss, peeking over shoulders, questioning every little decision.

But how does one ensure things are on track without that overbearing presence? Striking that balance is akin to tightrope walking in a gusty wind. You don’t want to fall, but you also don’t want to clamp onto someone else for balance. A delicate act, indeed.

In the thick of these acts, it might seem that the solace of organized productivity is a distant dream ☁️

If you thought wearing the same socks for three days straight was a life hack, brace yourself. What if I told you there's a way to not only maximize productivity but also claw back a bit of that elusive "me time"?

And no, it doesn't involve cloning yourself (trust me, the world isn’t ready for two of you 🤪).

Forget about it. Here are the 10 productivity hacks for busy founders. And these hacks aren’t just about doing more—they’re about doing more of the RIGHT things.

🎯1) Purpose Over Tasks

Instead of handing out tasks like they're expired coupons, hand out PURPOSE. It's not about the 'what', it's the 'why'. This isn't just a feel-good mantra—it’s a strategy that fosters focus and skyrockets engagement.

🌌2) Think BIG (Literally)

Forget SMART goals. It's time for BIG goals. BIG – as in Bold, Inspiring, Guiding. Think 4 overarching goals in distinct areas. When you think BIG, you achieve BIG.

📊3) SWOT's Up, Doc?

No, it’s not a greeting. Before you move forward, do a SWOT analysis. Know where you stand now so you can leap to where you want to be next.

🧭4) Navigate Your Path

Now, using your SWOT, pinpoint key initiatives. How do you journey from your current position to your desired destination? Chart the course.

🔭5) 12-Month Objective Gazing

From BIG goals and key initiatives, distill the 3-5 objectives you're gunning for in the next 12 months. Think of it as your business horoscope—minus the cryptic predictions.

📆6) Quarterly Quests

From there, you need to break down those yearly objectives. What milestones should you be hitting every quarter?

🎯7) Key Result Roundup

For each of your quarterly objectives, ensure you have a clear and defined path. Break them down and specify 3-5 key results you're aiming for. These key results are instrumental in providing tangible targets and helping you track your progress.

8) Task Time

Now, translate those results and key initiatives into tasks for the upcoming quarter. Yes, this is where the action really starts.

🎬9) R.A.F. (Responsibility Accountability Framework)

Make sure every task has an owner. Think of it as assigning characters to your blockbuster plot. Who’s doing what, when, and how?

📈10) Metric Magic

Identify 3-5 vital metrics for the next 12 months. These metrics are your compass, ensuring you're on the right path towards your BIG goals.

Implement these, and I'm not just promising you'll be more productive.

I'm promising you a ticket to a 10-hour-per-week vacation. Think about it. An extra 10 hours! That’s at least three sock washes and a chance to finally watch that show everyone's been talking about 🍿

Till next time 👋


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