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How to Adapt Your Leadership Style

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First, many thanks to all of you for filling out my Poll! It helps me decide how to make this newsletter better for you! More info will follow. Today, let’s dive into a fascinating topic: generational differences.

It's no secret that every new generation that enters the workforce brings new challenges for leaders. And that's no different with Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012.

"Gen Z has a unique ability to see through inauthenticity.

Currently, GenZ makes up about 10% of the global workforce. In some industries, this may go up to 30% already. As a millennial, I’ve managed teams with many generations (baby boomers, GenX, and millennials). Playing with their differences was a challenge, but with Gen Z, I feel it is a whole different game.

I like to call Gen Z the freedom fighters. My clients usually have issues attracting, retaining, and leading them effectively. I’m convinced that this has to do with new generational differences.

GenZ will continue to rise as part of the workforce, and all your future talents will be in that generation.

That's why today's issue is about my insights on how to adapt as a leader to the newest kid on the block in companies:

Gen Z-ers- The Freedom Fighters

Who is Generation Z?

So, what should you know about this group, and how can you adapt your leadership style to work with them?

Generation Z is the newest generation to enter the workforce. They are digital natives. They have grown up with the internet and technology from an early age. My GenZ-son was able to use a computer mouse at nine months!

This group is also much more diverse and the most educated and informed generation in history. They have a strong sense of social responsibility and are more politically active.

"Gen Z is the freedom fighter generation - they're passionate, socially conscious, and unafraid to challenge the status quo.

What Makes Them Different?

Gen Zers have different expectations when it comes to work and leadership. They value autonomy and flexibility and are less likely to prioritize financial rewards. They want the cake and have time to eat it too! Job satisfaction and work-life balance are much more essential.

Entrepreneurs in this generation usually prefer something other than the hustle culture. Their run systemized businesses on autopilot.

That has to do with how comfortable they are with technology. They naturally use it in all aspects of their lives, including work.

How Can You Adapt as a Leader to Gen Z's needs?

As a leader, it's crucial to understand your team members' values and expectations, especially regarding Gen Z.

Here are some tips for adapting your leadership style:

🟢 Be Flexible and Adaptable: Gen Zers value flexibility and prefer to work in environments where they can choose when and where. View Gen Y as the ones who kicked off remote work and Gen Z as the generation who will roll it out.

💡 Office-first companies will struggle to attract and keep talent in the future. Gen Z wants Remote Work!

🟢 Provide Opportunities for Growth: Gen Zers are eager to learn and grow in their careers. They want to work for companies that invest in their development and offer opportunities for advancement.

💡 As a leader, learn how you can be a piece of their life puzzle.

🟢 Embrace Technology: Gen Zers have grown up with technology and expect it to integrate into their work. Gen Z wants an even higher level of communication, collaboration, and productivity. It is a must for digital tools and platforms.

💡 Now, it is time to ditch email as your primary internal communication tool. Embrace asynchronous work!

🟢 Encourage Open Communication: Gen Zers value open communication. They want to work in environments where they can freely share their ideas and opinions. Create a culture of transparency and encourage your employees to speak up and share their thoughts.

💡 1:1’s with your Gen Zers in the team are your best friend as a leader!

Understanding the values and expectations of Gen Zers is crucial for leaders. You create a productive and engaged workforce by adapting your leadership style to accommodate their needs. You've learned some tips on attracting and retaining top talent from this generation.

So, when you as a leader are:

✅ Flexible and Adaptable

✅ Providing Opportunities for Growth

✅ Embracing Technology

✅ Encouraging Open Communication

You may welcome yourself as a next-generation leader! 👏🏼

See you next week

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